Archiving System

B-Force Archiving is a powerful software for companies and enterprises which need to archive huge numbers of files and growing masses of data securely and for a long period of time


  • The ability to archive data from any type and any size, whether images or video file or written and audio files.
  • Distribution for the of files between departments so any one can find out the source of the document and its administration document
  • the possibility of creating images of the document automatically and distributed to the relevant departments
  • the possibility to determining the size of the tasks required of each employee in the introduction of documents, and comparing it with what he has actually
  • Finding documents, images, according to the categories specified for each document to show the scale of the documents required
  • System contains reports on the index for each document provides access to him directly and review when pressed
  • issuing special alerts and notifications end or near the end of the document and needs to renew
  • the possibility of sending documents from within the system to e-mail directly
  • The possibility of extracting the report in a certain order when you query whether ascending or descending
  • extraction of aggregate statistics showing the percentages and numbers of each type of document and comparing it to the rest of the species
  • Extracting all the percentages of each employee to enter data at rates comparable to other staff
  • Identify the powers of the users in terms of the possibility of giving or inhibition any other user to add, modify or delete or view any document on any screen monitors system

Archiving Clients